We are an independent UK registered charity.  We have an in depth understanding of the global utility and finance sectors and have a wide network of contacts in these sectors.

About Us

The Ecofin Research Foundation is a UK registered charity established by, but independent from Ecofin Limited, a London based investment management firm, which specialises in the global utility, infrastructure, alternative energy and environmental sectors. We do not engage in lobbying nor do we participate in public campaigns.  

The move to a low carbon utilities sector will be accelerated if capital providers are in a position to easily engage with companies and policymakers to ensure that the conditions and incentives are in place to attract private sector funding. Capital providers need to be confident that they are investing in solutions with an acceptable trade off between risk and return.

Our background and deep understanding on how the finance sector works means we can engage with and collaborate with the main stakeholders to deliver workable solutions.  

Our senior managers and Associates have extensive experience in the utilities and finance sectors and the Foundation’s founder Ecofin Limited, is an established and leading investment management company, specialising in utilities and the environment. We are used to talking to and working with the major stakeholders involved with this sector including companies, private sector capital providers, regulators and policymakers.

Our Mission

The Ecofin Research Foundation's mission is to use its knowledge of the global utility and finance sectors and its network of contacts  to promote the development of sustainable, low carbon solutions.

Our Values

  • Collaborative - we work with a wide range of stakeholders to develop solutions
  • Independent - we do not represent the specific interests of stakeholders with whom we work
  • Flexible - we work on topical issues and seize opportunities as they arise
  • Practical - we focus on workable solutions

Our Relationship With Ecofin Limited

Ecofin Limited provides the Foundation with office space and equipment, IT, legal and corporate secretarial services.

The Foundation draws on Ecofin Limited's knowledge of the global utility sectors, its networks and contacts within the sector, the financial community and the government. We do not share any information gained in the course of our activities with Ecofin Limited other than that which is publically available.