We collaborate with the finance community, corporates, policymakers and climate change organisation. Together we accelerate progress towards a low carbon utility sector. We do not lobby or campaign.

What makes us different?

Our links and networks give us a strong understanding of the utility sector and capital markets and enable us to bring the views of the sector into climate change debates. The Foundation’s senior management, Associates and Trusties are experiences professionals in the investment, utility and environmental sectors.

Our understanding of the utility sector and financial markets enables us to work together with corporates, capital providers and policymakers to identify the conditions and incentives needed to deliver a low carbon utility sector. 

We engage with multinational stakeholders and aim to facilitate workable solutions that will have EU and global applicability in helping mitigate climate change.

Our mode of operation

Key to all our activities is a focus on engagement and collaboration.

Our activities are shaped by ongoing engagement  with key stakeholders including companies, capital providers and policymakers. Our ongoing engagement with these stakeholders makes it more likely that we create solutions that work in the real world.

As our expertise, reputation and close association with the investment community complements the work done by other climate change organisations, we collaborate with them on projects and proposals that overlap with our goals.

The Ecofin Research Foundation collaborates and builds long-term relationships with other NGOs  to:

  • Help us deploy our skills to further our objective
  • Enable us to actively influence the progress and direction of projects conducted by partner organisations
  • Complement and enhance our knowledge and expertise

The nature of our engagement and collaboration is varied and may include staff time, contacts and referrals.

Figure - How we work

We engage and collaborate with utility stakeholders to remove barriers and provide incentives for the utility sector to reduce its carbon emissions to mitigate climate change.