We can make a difference by working together. Your engagement and support ensures that relevant issues are addressed. Let's explore the opportunities of a low carbon future together.

Join Us!

We are interested in collaborating with a select group of high quality companies and capital providers to work with us and sponsor our activities to mitigate climate change. By working together we will have the opportunity to identify barriers to address, and you will be closely involved in the projects.

Our sponsors benefit from the opportunity to:

  • Ensure that relevant issues are being addressed
  • Be involved first hand in the move to a low carbon future
  • Help shape policy that promotes the move to a low carbon utility sector
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility commitments

The nature and level of your engagement depends on your preference and the nature of the project.

Why us?

All donations are used for projects as operational and fundraising costs are fully covered by Ecofin Limited.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our current projects with you and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Please get in touch to discuss further.