We collaborate with other organisations with similar goals. We leverage off each other's strengths. Together we remove barriers to progress a low carbon utility sector.

Who do we work with?

In our efforts to mitigate climate change, the Foundation benefits from working closely with other organisations experienced in policy, outreach and technology which complement our financial and utility expertise, and our reputation and close association with the investment community.

Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

Organisations we work with include:

ETI Logo

The Energy Technologies institute is a partnership between global industries and the UK Government bringing together projects and partnerships accelerating the development of affordable, clean and secure technologies to help the UK meet its legally binding 2050 climate change targets. The ETI makes targeted commercial investments in nine programme areas across heat, power, transport and the infrastructure that links them.


The Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit organisation that promotes large-scale investment in the low-carbon economy. The Initiative is an international network which helps develop bond markets to overcome investment barriers to achieving economies of scale in low-carbon industry sectors. The bonds will enable large scale issuance of long-term debt to help the global transition to low-carbon industry at speed and scale.


Founded in 1992, The Energy Saving Trust (EST) is a not-for-profit company and is the UK's leading impartial organisation that helps people save energy and reduce carbon emissions. The EST’s mission is to find the best ways to change people’s behaviour and to introduce energy saving measures into homes. The EST does this by providing expert insight and knowledge about energy saving, supporting people to take action, helping local authorities and communities to save energy and providing quality assurance for goods, services and installers.


Marksman Consulting is an environmental finance consultancy that provides advice and support to clients in the low carbon and sustainable economy financing sector. Marksman Consulting looks across finance types to help develop financial solutions and business models that meet capital market requirements for specific environmental activities. Local authority support is a key focus at Marksman Consulting.


Indepen is a management consultancy working with clients facing the challenges of regulation, deregulation, competition and restructuring. Indepen helps investors, boards and senior managers identify and assess political and regulatory risk and to develop and implement internal and external strategies to manage their exposure. Indepen focuses on clients involved in major infrastructure - water and sewerage, gas, electricity, rail, airports, telecoms, property and construction.



E3G is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works in the public interest to accelerate the global transition to sustainable development. E3G is effective in shaping policy particularly in the UK and EU level and builds coalitions chosen for their capacity to leverage change and achieve carefully defined outcomes. It works in four programme areas – Climate and Energy, Europe in the World, New Foreign Policy and Systems for Change.


The Climate Group

The Climate Group is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working internationally with government and business leader to advance smart policies and technologies to cut global emissions and accelerate a low carbon economy. Its global coalition of companies, states, regions and cities around the world recognise the economic and environmental imperatives of taking decisive action now. The Climate Group was founded in 2004 and has operations in the EU, North America, China, India and Australia.


Green Alliance

Green Alliance is an influential environmental think tank working to ensure UK political leaders deliver ambitious solutions to global environmental issues. They are well versed in political decision-making and work closely with partners in the third sector, business and other spheres to bring environmental issues into the mainstream. Their activities include convening high-profile events with senior politicians and key influencers.