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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Carbon Capture and Storage, the process of capturing carbon dioxide and storing it instead of emitting it into the atmosphere, is seen as an important step towards a low carbon economy. One of the main barriers to CCS is the costs of demonstrating the technology at scale. While the UK and EU competitions will kick start CCS in the UK, private capital will be vital for the development of a CCS industry in the longer term.

The Ecofin Research Foundation leads the CCS Commercial Development Group, with support from the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). The group is one of three national leadership groups established following recommendation by the CCS Cost Reduction Task Force. The Task Force was commissioned by DECC in 2012 and delivered its final report to the Energy Minister in May 2013. The CCS Commercial Development Group recognises the role CCS has in abating carbon dioxide emissions and aims to secure ways, together with the UK Government, of making UK CCS projects bankable, and reducing the cost of capital of CCS projects. The group brings together a range of key CCS stakeholders including potential financiers, insurers and project developers. A summary of our activities in 2013 is presented in a short report.

We have been actively feeding into the current Electricity Market Reform process in 2013. Based on discussions with the CCS Commercial Development Group, we have submitted responses on CCS related issues on the EMR Delivery Plan consultation, and on the request for information on CCS and Nuclear CfD allocation and the consultation on allocation.

Previous CCS initiatives include:

  • The Foundation worked on a joint initiative with the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) to assess the conditions needed to mobilise private sector capital for CCS. Through in-depth interviews we canvassed the view of key stakeholders including potential private sector capital providers, project developers and policy makers. This joint initiative was funded by the ETI and a report of our findings has been published.
  • A joint initiative with The Climate Group to understand private sector capital providers' perception of risks and required returns for financing CCS. This work was funded by the Global CCS Institute. The findings has been published in a short report.
  • The Foundation led the discussions in London around financing of CCS as part of a two-day facilitated dialogue organised by Green Alliance. This was a cross-sectoral event including industry,  capital providers, NGOs and regulators. The dialogue highlighted some interesting issues related to what needs to be covered by UK CCS policy to aid the development of a UK CCS industry. 
  • Together with the European Climate Foundation and E3G, the Foundation was part of a coalition that played a significant role in securing approximately 4 billion Euros from the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) for CCS demonstration.

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